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We are sought out to help for-profit developers to provide low income housing in both multi-family and senior complexes through the use of tax credits, home funds, bonds, and grants.  This keeps the construction  cost down  which allows low income families and Seniors  to move into a better place to live.   We also provide services. (See list under services) SPECTRUM HOUSING CORP was formed in 1992. Our mission has never changed.  We are a charitable organization and except donations.

SPECTRUM HOUSING CORP has reached out to the community and found strong capable partners willing to donate their time and funds to make these communities a better place to live.  The Ladies of Charity has been such a partner and has generously provided services and funds when asked to do so.

SPECTRUM HOUSING CORP has a board of directors from several walks of life.  They are not paid but give of their time whenever needed. (See list under Board Members)

Spectrum Housing is a 501 (c)3 non profit corporation with CHDO certification.

Our mission is clear and simple: to provide decent affordable housing for eligible individuals and families, through single, multi-family, and senior redevelopment.

1088 Park Plz, Austin, TX

We are the general Partner of a low...
Tutoring for English as a second language
Reading rooms
Home ownership seminars
Daycare center for residents
Computer basic classes
Mobile health programs
Job fair sponsorship

Phone: 972.780.5883
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